Come Up With New Ideas Every Day

Work Smarter, Not Harder – Part 1

In the coming 4 weeks – you are going to “install” 4 new strategic habits that will help you work smarter instead of harder.

Master Entrepreneurs are those that go from where they are now to where they want to be with the minimum amount of steps. That’s what it means to work smarter.

When you get there – doing business becomes easier, life is more flowing, you get results faster

The first habit we’re going to “install” is coming up with NEW IDEAS on demand.

New ideas can be answers to questions, solutions to problems, new ways of doing things… – it’s all about releasing your creative powers.

Throughout the program we’re going to use the MG-SPI system for success

  1. M for MINDSET
    To be successful in anything you do – you need to have the “right” mindset;
  2. G for GOAL
    If you don’t know where you’re going, you have very little chances to get there;
  3. S for STRATEGY
    If the goal is your destination, then the strategy is the vehicle to get you there;
  4. P for PLAN
    This is your roadmap – how are you going to “drive” your “vehicle” in order to get to your destination;
  5. I for Implementation
    You can have the most supporting mindset, the clearest goal, the best strategy in the world and a perfect plan… But without actually taking action – following the plan – you will NOT achieve your desired success.

Let’s start with your MINDSET…

Work smarter instead of harder – means using your most powerful tool – your brain – in a better way. 

Your brain is an answering machine. Ask any question, and your brain has no choice but to come up with an answer (or answers) instantaneously.

We’re going to use this function of your brain – to boost your creativity and transform you to an Idea Generating Machine.

Set your GOAL for this week…

Here’s a great goal for you:

Solving your biggest struggle in your business right now.

How’s that for a start of the program?

Choose the STRATEGY you will use…

You can choose any problem-solving strategy you already know, but I would recommend… for this week practice my favorite strategy:

The Idea Generator

Remember – your brain is an answering machine… so start by stating your biggest struggle as a question.

For example, here is my biggest struggle lately: “How do I get my clients to be fully committed to the process?”

Write your own question down, and then…

Read the question, take a deep breath and start writing 10 ideas for possible solutions.

What ideas? It doesn’t matter. Just write down 10 ideas.

I am pretty sure you can easily write down four or five ideas. But at six it starts getting harder…

This is when your brain starts sweating.

No matter how hard it is… Come up with 10 ideas!
That’s when you develop your “smart” muscles.

PLAN your action in your agenda…

Your next step is to actually plan this process.

My recommendation: plan to invest 10-15 minutes EVERY DAY in the coming 5 days to come up with new solutions for (the same) biggest struggle in your business.

Every day start with a blank page, and if some ideas keep coming back – just write them down – and keep looking for more ideas.

But don’t trust your memory… Plan those “creative sessions” in your agenda.

Now it’s time to IMPLEMENT

Take 10 minutes, right now, and come up with 10 ideas how to solve your struggle.

As soon as you have them… write down in the comment box below:

  1. What is your biggest struggle in your business these days?
  2. The 10 ideas you came up with – to solve this struggle.

Repeat this process EVERY DAY for the coming 5 days.
(work on the same struggle during these 5 days)

My commitment to you…

  • I’m looking forward to read your struggle and ideas below;

  • I will be there for you on Wednesday to support you with any question, challenge or setback you encounter;

  • I’m looking forward to celebrate your progress and results on Friday (I’m curious to hear what solution you’ll go for).

  • If still a struggle, during the hot seat Zoom session of July 21 – we can work together to find even more solutions.

Live fully, stay awesome,


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