EX#01: Why Becoming an Expert

Become the Top-of-Mind Authority for Your Market

In the Expert Masterclass you learn how to take all your knowledge, experience, information and advice, and position it, package it and promote it in such a way that you become widely known as an expert and not just that – a highly paid expert.

Once you establish yourself as an expert, business becomes easier and you can focus on what you love: creating an impact in people’s lives.

Lesson 1 - Why Becoming an Expert

Where to now?

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  1. What was your biggest insight from this lesson?
  2. What action(s) are you committing to – in order to implement this insight?
  3. Do you have any question or you need any support regarding this lesson?
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  1. -start with a big introduction.
    -experts work for their passion and not for the money.
    -money is the byproduct for their passion
    -record always

    Action: start making better recordings
    - better introduction

  2. Experts are serving other people to improve their lives
    Start in the beginning to claim your place
    Paying is a bonus for your work
    Expert introduction:
    Founder, creator
    Passion and knowledge, we ca n not stop ourselves
    Coach is time paying
    Expert is payed for his value
    ASK more and be an expert
    You get better clients with more commitment
    More publicist, big enough to matter, people like you benauwend of your opinion
    1 va is enough
    Experts tools are simpele. Website mailing list en bankaccount Expert status takes a year.
    Income is disproportionele of a expert
    Low costs, think About selling dvd
    More mouth to mouth marketing
    Preframe expectations

    Action: In future I start my lectoren with to be more a founder and creator. As a mentor be also more an expert

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